Here you will find some helpful customer questions answered

Are your macarons gluten free? 
Yes! All of our macarons are gluten free, however please be aware that our kitchen is not 100% gluten free which may affect those with severe allergies.

Do your macarons contain nuts and dairy?
Yes - All macaron shells are made with ground almonds and some flavours also contain other nuts. All of our fillings contain dairy.

How long do your macarons last and how do I store them?
We recommend that you store your macarons in the fridge, in the box they came in or an airtight container, for four days from when you receive them. This will ensure you enjoy them when their texture is at its best.

Can I freeze the macarons?
No. We freeze our macarons on the day they are baked as a part of the process to ensure they keep their texture. For food safety reasons, food can not be frozen twice.

Do you ship your macarons around NZ?
Yes! We have spent a great deal of time perfecting the way we ship our macarons, so that they will arrive to your door in the best possible condition! We use an insulated Woolcool box to ensure their freshness. We can ship to almost any New Zealand address except rural as we cannot guarantee it will arrive the day after. Please see our shipping info and terms & conditions for more info.

How much does it cost to courier macarons?*
New Plymouth: $6
North Island: $8
South Island: $15

*shipping prices are based on shipping for 1-2 boxes. Pricing changes for orders of 3 boxes or more.